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How to create a good profile on a sugar babies website

How to create a good profile on a sugar babies website

Creating the perfect sugar baby profile on a sugar babies website is not an easy task. First, it is not easy to write something attractive about yourself. But that is what you must if you want to impress a sugar daddy.

It is quite important to put an effort into your profile if you want to become a successful sugar baby. If you stand out a lot of potential sugar daddies will try get in touch with you – and that is the key to success.

Down below you will find 5 tips that are guaranteed to get you a date.

1. Use humor in your description

Humor is always a great way to get someone’s attention as it is a natural way to connect with other people. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring a bit of humor into your headline or your description as that will make you sure of hooking them in. It is a great way to gain attention and making them click on your profile.

2. Choose a good profile picture

When selecting a sugar baby photo to the sugar babies websites ensure that you make use of a good picture – and a picture that actually looks like you. A photo is very important to gain attention and to stand out from the crowd.

Choose two or three photos to upload on your profile, as it awakens their curiosity. Make sure that one of them shows your body so that they know how your body looks like.

3. Avoid mentioning previous relationships

When it comes to sugar dating it is not interesting to know anything about your ex. When signing up on a sugar babies website you are going to start afresh. So, if you want to make it possible to start a new chapter in your life you shouldn’t mention anything about your previous relationships.

4. Don’t be stuck on yourself

To attract attention, it is a natural reaction to want to talk yourself up. But it is of no use to mention your achievements or awards, as it can make you seem quite cocky. No one is interested in that.

Instead, just be yourself and try to inject a bit of humor. That will make you the perfect sugar baby to any sugar daddy.

5. Make it clear what you want

This might be challenging. But most sugar daddies are interested in knowing what you want to gain from a relationship with them. Do you want expensive gifts? Money? Or luxurious travels? This makes it way easier to find a perfect match for you. Also make clear what you can offer or what you are willing to do in exchange for the gifts or money. If you are not interested in sex, make sure to make it very clear on your profile as many sugar daddies are interested in that. However, there are also those who just want company now and then over a dinner or when they travel back and forth from business meetings.


»July 27, 2020