Ideas for stay-at-home dating in summer 2020

Ideas for stay-at-home dating in summer 2020

Summer 2020 has not turned out as planned for many of us. Maybe you had vacation plans that got cancelled or parties you were excited to go to. Our travel and social possibilities are quite limited this summer, so many of us has decided to stay home to stay safe. But! If you are getting bored, we have some great stay-at-home dating ideas!

Spend time in the outdoors

Many restrictions are lifted (luckily), but it is still required to remain careful. Therefore, outdoor activities are a good way to spend time with a date. What better is that you can enjoy the summer weather while dating. Great ideas for outdoors activities on a date is picnic in the park, chasing the sunset at the local beach, mountain etc., having a barbeque in the garden and so on! Those activities are a great way to spend time together all in private.

Prepare food together at home

A date does not always have to be at a fancy restaurant. It can also happen in your kitchen. Find recipes that you have not tried before – and do not forget to find recipes on your favourite drinks as well. It can be a fun challenge to learn how to prepare the food and the drinks together. That might be even more fun than having dinner on a restaurant.

Explore local sights

Everything has changed and many businesses are in big financial worries. Therefore, it makes good sense to date while exploring local sights such as galleries, tourist attractions, museums, cinemas and so on. Being active on a date has a positive influence on the dynamic between you. So, go ahead! Choose your favourite museums or explore things you have not visited before!

Have phone sex

If you have been dating a girl or a boy for a while and you are getting quite fond of each other phone sex might be a great alternative to meeting up privately. Calling a date and having phone sex can be a good way to explore the desires you have while staying safe. If it is better for you to be visual, you can also try having video sex over FaceTime or Skype. It will surely be something different – but then you do not have to wait for months to be intimate with your date.


»July 31, 2020