Want a successful date? Here are 5 tips

Want a successful date? Here are 5 tips

The first date is very important to make a good impression. If it goes bad the chances of another date are quite poor. What you need to focus on is the chemistry between you as it is the key. If you are truly attracted to one another it will all work out – but, there are a few things that helps the chemistry to blossom. Find out what it is down below.

Be confident from the first moment

It is easier said than done, but being nervous and unconfident can kill the vibe from the very moment you step in. Your confidence is very important for the first impression – and it makes you a lot more interesting! A good way to avoid being nervous is to imagine that you have to meet up with a good friend. Think of it as a cozy hang out as it removes the pressure on your shoulders.

Do not use your phone

Using the phone can be a killer to any date. All that matters when you date is your date. There is nothing worse than dating a girl or a boy that is not present and always have to answer a message or update Instagram. If you absolutely must pick it up, explain to your date that it is urgent and quite important. Otherwise, leave it in your bag or pocket.

Try to smile and laugh

There is nothing better than dating someone that likes to smile. Smiling and laughing is a good way to start flirting – and what better is that you will become more relaxed. A good way to loosen up is to tell a funny story from your life or something very embarrassing. It shows your date that you are willing to open up!

Find a good spot for your date

It is always good to choose a place where you have been before. Find something nice and cozy and where you know they serve quite good food. Avoid small restaurants or cafes where it is impossible to talk. The quieter a place the better. If it goes well and you are not ready to finish the date you can always have a walk in the area afterwards. If he or she wants a second date with you then find something more interesting or adventurous!

Your first date should turn out quite well if you make use of our tips!

»July 31, 2020