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How to balance life as a sugar dater and the normal life

How to balance life as a sugar dater and the normal life

Life as a sugar dater is not easy, as it is a life you must hide from your family and friends. That means that you have to live a double life – but how do you balance that without becoming crazy? We know it is not easy and that is why we bring you 4 tips on how to balance your life when you start sugar dating.

Use a different name when sugar dating

Our first tip on how to balance life when being a sugar dater is that it is a good idea to have several identities – your real identity and one that is made up. When you make up a fake identity you not only protect yourself from the men or women you are dating. You also protect yourself from mixing your two lives together – and that is something you will appreciate later.

Do only sugar date on specific days

To avoid becoming addicted to sugar dating it is a good idea only arranging sugar dates on specific days. When doing this you also make sure that you have time for your family and friends and that a sugar daddy or sugar mamma does not disturb any of your plans. Choose a Friday or Saturday and one or two weekdays. Then you are sure you have time to do other stuff than dating.

Don’t have a boy- or girlfriend when sugar dating

To avoid things to become messy it is a good idea not to have a boy- or girlfriend while sugar dating. Most girl- or boyfriends will not be satisfied with you dating others – especially because some sugar daddies or sugar mammas wants to have sex. When being single you also avoid making up lies if you have an appointment with your boyfriend but needs to cancel because of your sugar daddy.

Don’t become addicted to sugar dating

Many sugar daters become addicted of the luxurious lifestyle sugar dating can give. But it is very important for you not to get addicted by it or to rely on it to pay your bills, as it will ruin your balance in life. Sugar dating is not something you should do full time, as it effects your emotions.

If you are in lack of money it is a good idea to have a part time job besides your job as a sugar dater. That also ensures that you have friends or colleagues in real life and that you are met by real intentions by others.

Sugar daddies and sugar mammas come and go all the time. But colleagues, friends and family do not. That is why your real life should always be your highest priority. That ensures that you do not get confused whether someone’s intensions are based on the love for you or their own desires and needs.

Balancing is good

We hope that our tips are useful and that they make sense to balance your life. Sugar dating is lots of fun, but it shouldn’t be dictating what you do in your everyday life.


»August 11, 2020