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4 tips that make you a great sugar daddy to suggar babies

4 tips that make you a great sugar daddy to suggar babies

Do you consider becoming a sugar daddy so that you can date hot suggar babies? But are you not sure how it works and what is required from you? Being a sugar daddy is something very different. It is not something you can talk freely about as a lot of people have negative thoughts on sugar dating. That is why we bring you some great advice as it can be quite hard to find or get somewhere else.

Find sugar daddy websites  

The first thing you must do before anything else is to find some sugar daddy websites. That is the first step as it is here you will be able to find suggar babies. To mention an example is a well-known and good site for sugar dating.

Without a profile on sugar daddy websites it can be quite hard to find someone to go on a sugar date with. The most important thing is that you make sure to add a good and attractive profile picture – and with that we don’t mean a picture from your family holiday!

Be interesting

When you have found some cute suggar babies that have agreed to go on a date with you, you must remember that the date is not about falling in love or promising anything for each other. Ask the suggar babies about their lives, what they like from a sugar daddy and so on. On the other hand, you must try to be as interesting as possible. You do not need to talk about your job or family. Instead talk about something that makes you mysterious – that is way more interesting!

Invite suggar babies on a fancy restaurant

A sugar babe expects to be treated well. Therefore, inviting her on a fancy restaurant at your first meet will make a quite good impression on her. Cause what you need to be aware of is that sugar dating is not prostitution. You need to put an effort into it.

So, if you want more from her than just having a dinner you need to be sweet and spoiling. Then she might be open for another date or for having sex with you. 

The most important thing here is that you do not invite her home. Not even if you are single. That is too personal. Be prepared and book a night at a great hotel!

Treat your suggar babies with luxurious gifts

If you want to be a good and attractive sugar daddy, you bring luxurious gifts. A wine from the supermarket or a towel is not good enough. It needs to be something special. If you are smart you ask your suggar babies what they like or what they need. Then they will be happy if you buy it for them!

Are you getting any feelings? Then stop!

The most important rule about sugar dating is that there are no room for feelings. That is what it is all about. It is okay to care for a specific girl because you like her company. But it is not a good thing if you fall in love with her.

So, if you start getting feelings for one of your suggar babies it is a good idea to break the connection between you. That will be the greatest thing to do in a situation like that.

»July 24, 2020