Want a successful date? Here are 5 tips

The first date is very important to make a good impression. If it goes bad the chances of another date are quite poor. What you need to focus on is the chemistry between you as it is the key. If you are truly attracted to one another it will all work out – but, there are a few things that helps the chemistry to blossom. Find out what it is down below.

Be confident from the first moment

It is easier said than done, but being nervous and unconfident can ...

»July 31, 2020
Ideas for stay-at-home dating in summer 2020

Summer 2020 has not turned out as planned for many of us. Maybe you had vacation plans that got cancelled or parties you were excited to go to. Our travel and social possibilities are quite limited this summer, so many of us has decided to stay home to stay safe. But! If you are getting bored, we have some great stay-at-home dating ideas!

Spend time in the outdoors

Many restrictions are lifted (luckily), but it is still required to rem...

»July 31, 2020