Sugar dating

Do you consider sugar dating? Here are the pros and cons

Do you consider sugar dating? Here are the pros and cons

Sugar dating and suggar babies has gained a lot of attention the last couple of years. Mainly because girls are attracted by the lifestyle dating with rich and only lads can give. However, girls dating only lads is not a new phenomenon. But before trying out the life as a sugar babe you should consider some things first. That is why we bring you the pros and cons about sugar dating and suggar babies. Hopefully, that will make you able to make the right decision!

The pros about sugar dating

If you are a woman that is looking for an older man in your life, sugar dating then surely is something for you. The great thing about sugar dating is that you receive gifts, travels or dinners at fancy restaurants in exchange for your company. BUT it requires you to be able to separate love from dating as sugar daddies and rich only lads normally are not looking for the one true love.

1. You receive expensive gifts

One of the great pros about sugar dating is that you receive expensive gifts. Normally that would be things that you have always been dreaming of but never been able to afford. It could be a bag, shoes, clothing and etcetera.

2. You will get more time

The great thing about sugar dating is that you don’t need to use a lot of time on a boyfriend. Sugar daddies and only lads are often busy men with lots of work to do and therefore do not have the time for a relationship.

3. You can get good some advice

Many sugar daddies are rich, only lads and have a well-paid job. That is what their lives are about. However, that also means that you can get some good advice on how to make your own career or how to choose the right education.

4. He is sexually experienced

It is not even sure that you need to have sex with your sugar daddy. But if you do you can be sure of having sex with a man that knows what a woman likes!

The cons about sugar dating

Dating with a rich and only lad is not just happiness and red roses. It can be quite hard mentally and physically if you date a lot of men on the same time. Not said that you need to have sex with all of them – but getting yourself ready for every date can be quite exhausting

1. Feelings are not a part of it

Also, it is very important to understand that feelings are not a part of sugar dating – cause that is not the purpose about sugar dating. However, it is a risk! 

2. Negative thoughts may occur

Sugar dating may not be what you first thought it was. It is not for everyone as the purpose is not to find a partner. That can be quite hard mentally for some suggar babies. On the other hand, it is a controversial topic that you cannot speak freely about with everyone. If you cannot deal with that sugar dating is not for you.

We hope that the pros and cons have made you closer to a final decision!


»July 24, 2020