Sugar dating

These are the rules for sugar dating

These are the rules for sugar dating

Sugar dating is something very different from “normal” dating. It includes flirting with each other, but it doesn’t include feelings and a romantic relationship to one another. As a sugar baby it is your duty to ensure the happiness of your sugar daddy, as he then will go to any length to provide you with what you want.

Dos and don’ts with sugar dating


1. The most important rule is that you may never be a liability to your sugar daddy. He must never feel burdened by you. He knows that you need to be aided financially for upkeeps and let it be with that and nothing more. All he need is your warmth. Giving him affection will give you all you didn’t ask for.

Make sure that you don’t ask for anything or set up any expectations. He will not be interested in that!

2. Another rule that is good to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t make an attempt to get your sugar daddy to meet other cute sugar babies. Cause this will only end up in a stressed situation for you. You never know what happens to his feelings for you or if he will try to share all you own with you until he takes it totally away from you.

3. Don’t fall in love. A very important rule is that you cannot fall in love. Sugar dating is noncommittal and should always stay like that . If you get feelings for your sugar daddy you should stop your relationship with another immediately. No one wants a jealous or commanding sugar baby! If he falls in love with you, you are also responsible for breaking for connection. Or else it might get dangerous or too risky.


1. Always try to be attractive. Even though you have met your sugar daddy several times and he now knows how you look like and how you dress, it is important to keep him interested in you. The only way to do that is to keep dressing up like a queen with all it takes of makeup, dresses, high heels, jewelries and so on. If you stop doing that, he will lose interest in you and find someone else to pamper.

2. Make your sugar daddy feel comfortable. The way to do that is to ensure that the relationship stays hidden. Most sugar daddies aren’t interested to be known for sugar dating as they get too much recognition with other things. If your sugar daddy is a business tycoon, a politician or somehow a very important person sugar dating is not what he wants to be associated with. So keep your connection and relationship hidden and he will be happy and pamper you with all sorts of things.



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