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4 things that every new sugar baby should know

4 things that every new sugar baby should know

It is common that most new sugar babies rush into sugar dating head on. That mostly happens because there are not many sugar baby mentors or anyone to go to for getting some tips about the life as a sugar baby. Especially not family!

So, many sugar babies end up poking around the internet for some good sugar baby tips and stories and then jump directly into the new world without being aware what the world holds in store. That is a pity as many then are forced to learn about sugar dating by doing it.

That is not the right way to do it as you end up putting yourself through some bad times. So, therefore we have made this article! It contains 4 things that every new sugar baby should know.

You will eventually meet a douchebag

It does not sound very romantic. But it is the truth! Sometime during your journey, you are going to meet at least one guy that is a douchebag. With that we mean that he might treat you like crap, make some assumptions that you don’t like or show up when you expect it the least.

But what can you do about it then?

The best thing to do is to ignore these types of men and get them out of your life. You will not gain anything positive from them – so get rid of them as soon as they turn out to be a douchebag. Block them on your sugar dating website and find someone else. The quicker you get them out of your system the better!

And don’t forget that all men are not like this. So, if you end up meeting a douchebag do what you can to replace him with someone else as soon as possible. That will give you some trust back again.

Don’t meet with anybody at a private place

You never know who is behind the screen. Therefore, never meet with a sugar daddy or only lad at a private place. Your meetings should always take place at a fancy hotel or restaurant since that is the safest for you. If you get uncomfortable you can always walk out from the room without being nervous about what will happen. That is one of the most important rules!

Get comfortable with talking about money and gifts

When being a sugar baby you cannot avoid talking about money or gifts, as that is the reason why you signed up on the sugar baby website. Finances are important as that is the reason for you having sex on a hotel room or having dinner with an old lad on a fancy restaurant.

The best thing you can do is to embrace it and learn how to get what you really want. That is important if you want success and most important: respect. So, if you want that expensive bag then talk about it with your sugar daddy!

Sex on the first date is a no go

A very important thing is never to have sex on the first date. There are no exceptions whatsoever! You are not an escort or a toy he can play with. If he insists on having sex with you on the first date you should tell him goodbye and leave him immediately.

If he is pushy about sex on the first day, he probably does not have any intentions of entering an arrangement with you. So always tell the guy no! Of course, not all men are like this and some of them might ask to see if you are willing to have sex with them and then accept a no.

If he does not accept leave and then cut the connection.


»August 07, 2020