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5 Safety Tips For When Using Dating Sites

5 Safety Tips For When Using
Dating Sites
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Online dating has opened up an entire world of new options for people who
previously may have struggled to find good matches in their immediate area. Many
go for years thinking they’ll never meet someone or that no one else out there is
enough like them to connect, but online dating really provides the perspective and
connection needed to overcome these difficulties.
Having said that, it’s also a risky world at times, and it’s very important to take steps
to protect oneself. Below are some of the best safety tips to keep in mind when using
dating sites:
1. Don’t Give Out Your Phone Number
One great thing about the modern world is that you don’t have to hand out your
phone number to perfect strangers. You could give them a Google Voice or similar
app-based communication platform. If it turns out to be a real match, then you can
share more, but if it becomes a bad connection that concerns you, you can easily
block them.
2. Don’t Give Out Your Full Name
Giving out your full name is just an invitation for stalkers and other bad actors to find
your online footprint and learn more about you instantly. You should keep social
media masked from strangers anyway, but it’s perhaps doubly important in the world
of online dating.
3. Always Meet in a Public Place
When you first meet up with someone, you should be sure to do so in a public place,
preferably one that is well frequented and has many people around, such as a café
or a shopping center. You should also drive yourself there or take public transport.
Don’t agree to a pickup or carpool for the first time you meet.
4. Let Others Know Your Plans
You should never keep a real-world meet-up a total secret. Tell one or more people
that you trust what you are doing, what your plans are and if those plans change.
Maybe 99.9 percent of the time you’ll never need that backup, but it’s better to have it
and not need it than the other way around.
5. Don’t Get Drunk
For a first date, why not pick something where alcohol is not even an option, like a
movie theater or a coffee shop. Have your first meeting during the day if you can so
it’ll always be daylight and there won’t be any thoughts of heavy drinking. If you meet
first at a night spot, then avoid drinking too much.

»October 08, 2021