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Have you been single for a long time? When was your last date? How did it go? If
you wanted to hook up with someone tonight, how hard would it be? Questions such
as these may help to determine whether or not it’s time to start looking for some help
in your dating life.
Here at, we endeavor every day to better understand the world
of dating and romance. We’ve looked at all the sites, the costs, the pros and cons of
each and we hope that we can provide insight into which direction different people
should go in their dating exploration.
For your part, however, you also need to know when to seek assistance with dating.
Here are the biggest signs.
1. You Can’t Remember When Your Last Date Was
When did you last go on a date? If you can’t pluck the day or date out of your mind
immediately, then it has probably been a long time. You might want to ask yourself
why you’re not going on dates. Could it be because you’re not connecting with
others? Do you not make the time or opportunity for yourself to meet people? If this
sounds like you, then some assistance is definitely in order.
2. All Your Recent Dates Were Terrible for Some Reason
Thinking back on your recent dates, what words would you use to describe them?
Were they fun? Does the thought of them make you cringe? If you look back on your
recent dates with regret and cringe-inducing horror, then you might want a helping
hand to find better dating partners.
3. You Can’t Articulate What You Want
If you were asked to sum up in a single sentence exactly what you are looking for in
a significant other, could you do it? If not, then you might be fuzzy or unclear about
exactly what it is you want. No wonder you’re not finding success in dating when you
don’t know what it is that you really want!
4. Dating Fills You With Dread
Does the thought of meeting up with someone for dinner or a movie theater date just
make you keel over with anxious worry? If it does, it’s likely informed by your
previous experience in the dating world. At that stage, it’s better to reach out and get
help from new platforms that can help you create more positive, affirming and self-
esteem-building experiences.

»January 08, 2023